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Kikki H.

Paper Print, Brooklands, limited Serie of 49 pieces, handsigned



Drivers:Woolf Bernato, Tim Birkin

Motorsport Year:1935

Dimensions:19 x 23"

Brooklands was an English automobile racing and test track and airfield near Weybridge in Surrey, which can point to a long tradition since 1907 when first built only for competitions racetrack in the world . The Union Jack with England Coat of Arms forms the colorful background. In the picture , the two drivers are seeing Woolf Barnato and Sir Henry " Tim " Birkin . They headed together the legendary Bentley Speed ​​Six " Old Number One" and won the race in 1929. Woolf Barnato was the son of Barney Barnato , who came to South Africa as the owner of a diamond and gold mine into cash. He inherited his million pounds fortune , when he was two years old . Equipped with this financial background , Barnato attended the best schools and university facilities in England. The newspaper "The Daily Herald " was composed of 200 pounds for the winner of the race. Advertising: The origins of the brand date back to the Scottish Dunlop tires pioneer John Boyd Dunlop , who in 1888 registered the first patent for the bicycle tires. After the founding of the first Dunlop plant in Ireland one years was founded later in 1893 Hanau , the first overseas branch under the name " The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ltd. and " . Co-founder of this company was the Frankfurt bicycle manufacturer Heinrich Kleyer. More old facade advertising such as Shell, Chesterfield can be seen.

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